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Physical Therapy

"Tina brought me back to life after I tore my Achilles tendon which was complicated by a neuropathy. After 2 months in a cast, Tina spent 3 hours a week with me, one on one, with constant dedication and attention to whatever my foot, ankle, leg muscles and function needed at those moments to improve. Initially, I was honestly hoping to regain 50% function at best. Tina knew better and was always encouraging. She was correct! I regained 100% and returned to skiing 7-8 months after the injury. Tina, of course recommended that I not do this, which was the correct recommendation, but life is worth living. And everything is perfect now! Thank you Tina and Carolyn, who recommended you!"


-Alfred Tinger, MD - Chief, Radiation Oncology at Northern Westchester Hospital

"Tina, first of all, is a compassionate talented and wonderful person.  Her skills as a Physical Therapist are amazing, but most of all, she helps the whole body to be aligned and she incorporates exercises to do everyday to keep your body from other injuries.  She is also a Pilates, Yoga instructor and having this cross training makes her the best Physical Therapist you can find."


~Karen Winter-Stahl~ Professional Sales Consultant at eCardio Diagnostics

"For the past three years I have been a client of Tina's and I have been constantly impressed with both her professionalism and her knowledge in the field of Physical Therapy.  In all aspects of her work, Tina has demonstrated remarkable depth and detailed knowledge of the subject.  Her optimistic and cheerful attitude is an asset to her.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tina to any future clients."


~Lisa McBride~Esthetician, Crompond, New York, Health, Wellness and Fitness


"Tina is an amazing Pilates’ instructor and a great teacher at all levels.  Her in-depth knowledge of Physical Therapy adds a lot to her teachings.  When I first started Pilates, I had a continual pain in my lower back.  After going to Tina's classes regularly, my pain completely disappeared.  She knows exactly what each student needs, just by observing their movements.  Her cues stay with me in everyday life and have greatly improved my overall posture.  Her instructions have also helped me with my yoga practice and I'm a better athlete because of her.  I highly recommend Tina, both as a Pilates’ instructor and as a Physical Therapist."


~Nadia van Hauwaert~Director Business Development / Creative Services

Current:  Imtech Graphics

Tina is so knowledgeable about how the body works and (doesn't).  At the age of 52, I did my first full backward bending bridge thanks to her core strengthening exercises.  Try her group or private classes - she's amazing!


~Olivia H. Farr~Co-Founder, Sr. Vice-President at Bedford 2020 Coalition, New York, NY

Nonprofit Organization Management

Current:  Bedford 2020 Coalition, Best Movies by Farr, Abtech Industries

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