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Physical Therapy ~Rehabilitation

In this integrative practice you will experience traditional PT + alternative techniques to treat the whole patient.  A functional manual, hands-on approach is used to reduce musculoskeletal restrictions followed by a skilled eye to facilitate Neuromuscular re-education.  The goal is to distinguish compensatory movement patterns and restore or educate efficient movement patterns by making deeper connections, first in the core.  In order to treat a local injury it is necessary to look globally to the weakest links in the human chain to get to the source of the kinetic chain problems and create effective solutions.  It's a recipe for whole body success.  

Specialties:  ~Dance Medicine PT & Sports Medicine PT~

Pilates Studio ~Wellness

You will experience a Pilates workout like you have never experienced before because you will receive training and re-engineer your body through a highly filtered lens; through the eyes of Pilates Instructor who is also a Physical Therapist.  This is a winning combination. Good function creates good you will truly feel good and look good.  The results are infinite!  Re-engineer your body.  Fine-tune your Neuromusular connections.  Create a synchronicity in your human kinetic chain that flows energy, agility and aesthetics to carryover into every aspect of your life.  

Results:  ~Be a powerhouse.~

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